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2013 Fair Logo-Final-lower res.png05052010_94711_0.pngGALLATIN COUNTY FAIR
"Barnyard Birthday Bash
110 Years of Fun!"
JULY 17-21, 2013

Thank you to Arts & Crafts Coordinator Susie Miller, her volunteers and judges.


Arts & Crafts - Junior 7 Years & Under                                  Back to TopArts & Crafts-Beginners Best of Show 2013.jpg
Painting - Acrylic Painting
Georgia Carraway, Bozeman, Pretty flowers-Acrylic on Canvas, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Will Carraway, Bozeman, Paris Nights-Acrylic on Canvas, Red
Painting - Watercolor
Adelaide Rugemer, Bozeman, Adelaide-watercolor painted with fingers, Red
Painting - Mixed Medium
Adelaide Rugemer, Bozeman, Mommy-watercolor painted with fingers and , Red
Painting - Other Painting Medium
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Painting, Blue

Drawing/Printing - Color Pencil
Hannah Giese, Bozeman, Rainbow, Red
Drawing/Printing - Crayon/Markers
Hannah Giese, Bozeman, Rabbit, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Crayon Drawing, Blue
Adelaide Rugemer, Bozeman, Marlowe-Crayon and Marker Design, Red

Crafts - Jewelry
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Wooden Bead Necklace, Red
Crafts - Other Crafts
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Candle, Red

Clay - Other Clay
Jessie Anderson, Bozeman, A clay pot, Blue
Jessie Anderson, Bozeman, A self portrait in clay of my Mom, Blue

Arts & Crafts - Junior 8-12 Years                       Back to Top
Painting - Acrylic Painting
Tristyn Fleming, Bozeman, Miniture of tree, Blue
Tristyn Fleming, Bozeman, Lower Falls of the Yellowstone in Acrylic, Blue
Kendra Myrstol, Bozeman, Realism - Hawk, Blue
Caitlynn Seger, Bozeman, Dog Agility Painting, Blue
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, White Birds, Red
Madison Anderson, Bozeman, Sunny Days-3 Sunflowers, Red
Painting - Oil Painting
Natascia Pierce, Manhattan, Mount Spartan Tobacco Root Mtns, Blue, Res Best of Division
Painting - Watercolor  
Maddie Mangas-, Belgrade, The Ocean-watercolor with salt crystals, Blue
Madison Anderson, Bozeman, Willow-Tree Splat Art, White
Annabelle Pierson, Manhattan, Mountain Scene, White
Painting - Other Painting Medium
Annabelle Pierson, Manhattan, Japanese Brush Stroke - Dragonfly, White

Arts & Crafts-Sweepstakes Winner & Junior Best of Show 2201.jpg
Drawing/Printing - Pastel
Cole Blakeman, Belgrade, Pastel Portrait, Blue
Kyra Giese, Bozeman, Little House, Blue
Annabelle Pierson, Manhattan, Flowers for Mom, Blue
Kyra Giese, Bozeman, Mouse, Red
Grace Smith, Bozeman, Night Sky-abstract pastel drawing, Red
Sheridan Smith, Belgrade, Orange Flower, Red
Drawing/Printing - Color Pencil
Natascia Pierce, Manhattan, Emma-Colored pencil on black drawing paper, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show, Sweepstakes
Natascia Pierce, Manhattan, Natascia-Self portrait- colored pencil on black , Blue, Res Best of Division
Cole Blakeman, Belgrade, Colored Pencil Wolf Drawing, Blue
Caitlynn Seger, Bozeman, Famine for the Wolves, Blue
Caitlynn Seger, Bozeman, Hunting (Indian & Wolves), Blue
Sadie L. Teters, Belgrade, A Love Story of Two Trees, Blue
Marissa Giese, Bozeman, Mare and Foal, Red
Sheridan Smith, Belgrade, Graceland, Red
Aspen Washburn, Belgrade, Comic Strip, Red
Alexis Welch, Three Forks, Colored Pencil Drawing of a Horse, Red
Drawing/Printing - Pen & Ink
Tristyn Fleming, Bozeman, Fawn, Red
Drawing/Printing - Crayon/Markers
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Exciting A's, Blue
Madison Anderson, Bozeman, Lizard Life, Red
Lexi Miller, Manhattan, Paradise Valley, Red
Drawing/Printing - Pencil
LeAna Pierce, Bozeman, Spirit of the West, Blue
Madison Anderson, Bozeman, Peacock Feathers, Red
Tristyn Fleming, Bozeman, Butterfly, Red
Drawing/Printing - Mixed Medium
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Tiger's Eye, Blue
Autum Washburn, Belgrade, Dragonfly, Blue
Aspen Washburn, Belgrade, Giraffes Love, Red
Drawing/Printing - Other Drawing/Printing
Marissa Giese, Bozeman, Tropical Flower, Blue

Crafts - Books/Journals
Sydney Kirschten, Bozeman, Pourquoi Story 'The Princess, The Witch & The Mtn’ , Blue, Best of Division
Crafts - Sculpture
Maddie Mangas-, Belgrade, Paper Mache Robin Sculpture, Blue
Crafts - Paper
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Origami Snake, Blue
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Origami Top, Red
Crafts - Creative Crafts
Madison Anderson, Bozeman, A mask made from a milk carton, Red
Crafts - Other Crafts
Jadon Pierce, Manhattan, Army vs Aliens-Lego War, Blue
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Lego Guitar, White

Arts & Crafts - Intermediate 13-17 Years                                Back to Top
Arts & Crafts-Intermediates Best of Show 22014.jpg
Painting - Acrylic Painting
Kinsey Myrstol, Bozeman, Abstract/realism-Modern Jaguar, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Kinsey Myrstol, Bozeman, Expressionism / Realism - Sunset Valley, Blue
Painting - Other Painting Medium
Kinsey Myrstol, Bozeman, Realism - Egg tempera - Snowy Owl, Blue
Kinsey Myrstol, Bozeman, Abstract - Egg Tempra - Snowy Owl Abstract, Blue

Drawing/Printing - Charcoal
Abby Stevenson, Bozeman, An in focus rose in the middle of leaves., Blue, Res Best of Division
Drawing/Printing - Color Pencil
Wesley Smith, Belgrade, Polar Bears, Red
Drawing/Printing - Pen & Ink
Abby Stevenson, Bozeman, A manga-style girl in a profile view., Blue
Abby Stevenson, Bozeman, A manga-style boy in a profile view., Blue
Drawing/Printing - Prints
Wesley Smith, Belgrade, Toucan Bird, Red
Drawing/Printing - Pencil
Kinsey Myrstol, Bozeman, Realistic drawing - Drink of Water, Blue, Best of Division
Wesley Smith, Belgrade, Self Portrait, Blue
Samantha Blomback, Belgrade, Kieran, Red
Gus Smith, Belgrade, Pencil drawing of Semi, Red

Crafts - Leatherwork
Gus Smith, Belgrade, Leatherwork Coasters, Blue

Clay - Ceramics
Wesley Smith, Belgrade, Treasure Box, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Wesley Smith, Belgrade, Place Setting for 2, Blue
Gus Smith, Belgrade, Ceramic Push Pin, Red

Arts & Crafts - Adult 18 Years & Older - Novice                 Back to Top
Drawing/Printing - Color Pencil
Cheryl Knowles, Bozeman, Single Lily done in colored pencil, Blue, Best of Division
Cheryl Knowles, Bozeman, Yellow headed Black Bird in the reeds, Red, Res Best of Division
Sarah Lee-Teters, Belgrade, The Old Woman in the Tree, White
Drawing/Printing - Pen & Ink
Betty J. Heaser, Bozeman, Pen & Ink Drawing
Drawing/Printing - Pencil
Erica Williams, Belgrade, Dragon Mirror-A man stands in front of a mirror, Blue
Arts & Crafts-Adult Novice Winner0.jpg

Crafts - Woodworking
Al Flint, Manhattan, Wooden Dump Truck, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Crafts - Jewelry
Janine Steel, Bozeman, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant, Blue, Res Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Black Bead Necklace, Red
Heather Ernst, Bozeman, 3 strand necklace-black white & blue
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Blue Bead Necklace
Crafts - 3 Dimensional Painting  
Betty J. Heaser, Bozeman, Painting on Rock
Crafts - Other Crafts
Laura Edmonds, Three Forks, Swing Handle Egg Basket, Blue

Greeting Cards/Scrapbooking - Poetry
Betty J. Heaser, Bozeman

Arts & Crafts - Adult 18 Years & Older - Intermediate                   Back to Top
Painting - Watercolor
Peaches Sappington, Bozeman, First Light-Painting of iris in early morning light, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Susan Lear, Belgrade, Tree & Shed, Red, Res Best of Division
Robert Blakeman, Belgrade, Mothers' Day 2013 - Swans
Painting - Mixed Medium
Robert Blakeman, Belgrade, Watercolor/Ink Zebras, White
Sally Christie, Bozeman, Peacock-A crochet doily made by entrant
Susan Lear, Belgrade, Stars & Shadows
Arts & Crafts-Adult Intermediate Winner.jpg
Crafts - 3 Dimensional Painting
Mark Andrews, Bozeman, John Wayne-52mm white metal figure of John Wayne
Crafts - Other Crafts
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Needle Felted Bison made from Shed Bison Hair, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Fish Scrimshaw Construction
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Fish Collection - Scrimshaw in Shadow Box

Greeting Cards/Scrapbooking - Greeting Card
Michele Oslund, Bozeman, Soup Greeting Card, Blue
Michele Oslund, Bozeman, Greeting Card

Arts & Crafts - Adult 18 Years & Older - Advanced                       Back to Top
Arts & Crafts-Reserve Sweepstakes 22014.jpg
Painting – Oil Painting
Bruce Pierce, Manhattan, Crossing Them Over-36x48 oil on linen, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show, Res Sweepstakes
Bruce Pierce, Manhattan, Bedtime Stories-30X24 oil on linen, Red, Res Best of Division
Kitty Whitehouse, Belgrade, Pelican Valley-20 x 16 oil painting of a hot pool , White
Kitty Whitehouse, Belgrade, Summer Bison-16 x 20 oil painting of 2 buffalo in , Yellow
Tara Aguilar, Bozeman, Sunset
Melissa M. Summerfield , Bozeman, Axtell Anceny Grain Elevator

Drawing/Printing - Pencil
Tara Aguilar, Bozeman, Kitchen Drawer, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Tara Aguilar, Bozeman, The Old Faithful Inn Staircase, Red, Res Best of Division
Eleanor Brown, Bozeman, Spanish Peaks at Four Corners

Crafts - Woodworking
Jerry Honkanen, Belgrade, Wood Art Barn-CNC wood art, Red, Res Best of Division
Jerry Honkanen, Belgrade, Wood Art Mill-CNC router wood art
Crafts - Beadwork
Frank Hanosek, Belgrade, Beaded Cree Style Bag, Blue, Best of Division

Group Projects                                  Back to Top

Grades K through 2
Art Work (paint, draw, etc.),
Hawthorne Hawks, Bozeman, Recycled Collage-Polly Peacock, Participation
Other Group Projects
Hawthorne Hawks, Bozeman, Quilt from food wrappers, Participation
Hawthorne Hawks, Bozeman, Recycled Art project-Birds on a Wire, Participation

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