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2013 Fair Logo-Final-lower res.png05052010_94711_0.pngGALLATIN COUNTY FAIR
"Barnyard Birthday Bash
110 Years of Fun!"
JULY 17-21, 2013


Thank you to our Photography Sponsor:
F-11 Photographic Supplies

Thank you to our Photography Coordinator Lorna Simard,
her many volunteers and wonderful judges!

Photography Beginner Winner.jpg
Photography - Beginner 7 Yrs & Under
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Gramps, Red
Kyler Ellerton, Bozeman, Chip Chip Hooray!-Two chipmunks, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Doc, Blue, Res Best of Division
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Buffalo in yellowstone, Blue
Teagen Flint, Manhattan, Waterfall in Yellowstone, Red

Photography - Junior 8-12 Yrs           Back to Top
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Woman on Tree, Blue
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Lightning, Blue
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Cuyen and his blankie, Blue
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Fuzzy Pipi, Blue
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Diamond, Red
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, A Black Cat, Red
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Cheech is soaked, Red
Allen James Wilcox, Toston, Working Dog, Red
Rachel Beers, Bozeman, Dorcas
Allen James Wilcox, Toston, Butterfly in Grandma's Flowers, Blue
Allen James Wilcox, Toston, Great Wapiti, Blue
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Grazing Bison, Red
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Buffalo in Snow, Red
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Bear, Red
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, A marmot peeking his head from his hiding spot, White
Audrey Miller, Manhattan, Trout, White
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Mammoth Hot Springs, Blue
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Prismatic, Blue
Rachel Beers, Bozeman, The Pacific Ocean in Oregon, Blue
Rachel Beers, Bozeman, Sunflower, Blue
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Purple Pansy, Red
Daniel Beers, Bozeman, Pink Rose, Red
Ashtyn Ellerton, Bozeman, The Bride in the Mountain, Red
Ashtyn Ellerton, Bozeman, Dead or Alive, Red
Ashtyn Ellerton, Bozeman, Hey Hay!, Red
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Deer & Elk, Red
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Grass dancing in the wind, Red
Mason Newman, Bozeman, Golden Wheat, Red
Mason Newman, Bozeman, Poppies, Red
Landon Scott, Manhattan, The Rising Weed, Red
Grace Smith, Bozeman, Beautiful Dew, Red
Allen James Wilcox, Toston, Wyoming Beauty, Red
Ashtyn Ellerton, Bozeman, O' Beautiful, White
Grace Smith, Bozeman, Morning Dew, White
Rachel Beers, Bozeman, Bridge at Hyalite, Red
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Dew on a Fall Morning, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Pretty in Purple, Blue, Res Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Mr Pollard Opus Ski, Blue
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Pretty in Blue, Blue
Allen James Wilcox, Toston, Papilia Glaucus (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail), Blue
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Summer Colors, Red
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Dog profile, Red
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Bee on flower, Red
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Snail Shell, Red
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Moss, Red
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Water flowing down from Palisade Falls, Blue
Milou Mackenzie, Bozeman, Drip Drop, Blue
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Swimming corgi dog with water ripples, White
Cute Kid
Luuk Mackenzie, Bozeman, Skier on a Mission, Red

Groups and Collages
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Flowers, Blue
Cooper Knarr, Gallatin Gtwy, Lab having fun, Red
Bridger Wilkes, Bozeman, 4 Photos with a Message, Red
Logan Wilkes, Bozeman, 9 Photos with a Message, Red
Anything Goes  
Chloe Aguilar, Bozeman, Autumn's Arrival, Blue

Photography - Intermediate 13-17 Yrs            Back to Top
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Hot Lips, Blue
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, Girl at School in Kenya, Red
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Girls and Guitars, Red
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Looking Yonder, Red
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, Kenyan Boy, White
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Snow Dog, Blue
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Bright Eyed Bushy Tail, Blue
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, Colorful Lizzard, Red
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, African Elephants, Red
Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Palette Spring terrace, Blue
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Descending in Time, Blue
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, Pink Flower, Red
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Glorious Sunset, Red
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Lucky Bird, Red
Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Palette Spring at Mammoth Hot Springs, Red
Photography Intermediate Winner.jpg
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Window View, Blue, Res Best of Division
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Colosseum, Blue
Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Ghostly Windows, Blue
Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Cabin at Spanish Creek, Red
Nai'a LeDain, Bozeman, Close Up of Yellow/Red Daisy, Red
Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Terrace textures of Palette Spring, Mammoth Hot, Red
Lucy Rath, Bozeman, Dandelion, Red
Cute Kid
Sarah Beers, Bozeman, Barefoot Girls, White
Street Photography
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Walk on the Wild Side, Red
Still Life
Natty Hailey, Bozeman, Tuti Fruti-Gelatio near Colosseum, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show

Victoria Peterson, Bozeman, Doll heads behind a glass shop window, Blue
Sienna Potter, Bozeman, Monsters, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Procession of a Hero, Blue
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, At the Fair, Red

Mobile Device Photography
All Mobile Device Photography
Lucy Rath, Bozeman, Blue Eye, Blue
Emma Robertson, Syracuse, Fairy Tears, Red

Photography -  Adult 18 Yrs & Older - Novice            Back to Top
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Young Patriot, Red
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Back in Montana !!!
Laura Edmonds, Three Forks, Can Ya See Me Now? - Henry, Blue, Res Best of Division, Res Best of Show
Jen Scott, Manhattan, The Cat-tastic Garfield!, Red
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Newborn Alpaca-2 hours old, White
Laura Edmonds, Three Forks, Partners-Black & White, Yellow
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Family Portrait-Livingston Parade 2013
Heidi Lea, Bozeman, Black Calf w/White Forehead Eating Hay
Kandace Maxwell, Bozeman, Yellow monarch butterfly on a pink flower, Blue
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Emerging, Red
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Juvenile Boxfish-Philippines, White
Chris Bruchhauser, Belgrade, Man photographing Seagull, Yellow
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Bear on Patrol
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Sunrise at Bryce Canyon, Blue
Jeannette Jensen, Manhattan, Water Falling into River-West Yellowstone, Red
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Stormy Sunset-Balli Sunset, White
Chris Bruchhauser, Belgrade, Oregon Coastline, Yellow
Jeannette Jensen, Manhattan, Hot Pot West Yellowstone
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, A Cold Winter's Day
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Big Sky Sunset
Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer, Bozeman, De Hoge Veluwe
Laura Edmonds, Three Forks, School House Sunset, Blue
Photography Adult Novice Winner.jpg
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Octopus in Clamshell, Blue
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Osteospermum, Red
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Nudibranch Laying Eggs-Indonesia, White
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Bee on Thistle, White
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Noxious Beauty, Green
Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer, Bozeman, Froggy, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Fun Jump, Blue
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Starting Gate, Red
Jeannette Jensen, Manhattan, Boy Jumping into Creek, White
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, And he's off !, Yellow
Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer, Bozeman, Flying Snow, Green
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Buffalo Wallow
Cute Kid
Jeannette Jensen, Manhattan, Underwater Kid, Blue
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Star Gazing, Red
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Pinata Action, White
Street Photography
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Man in Bannack, Blue, Honorable Mention
Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer, Bozeman, Best friends, Blue
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Juggler on a tall unicycle, Red
Pat McHenry, Bozeman, Rainbow Over Tires, White
Deb Berglund, Bozeman, Transportation Downtown Ubud, Green
Lisa Greenwood, Livingston, Old man watching parade, Green
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Headless Horseman
Still Life
Laura Edmonds, Three Forks, Unknown, Blue
Alice Jones, Gallatin Gtwy, Frozen in Time, Red
The Fair
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Fair Fun, Blue

Groups and Collages
Amy Kafer, Manhattan, Faces in Fire

Mobile Device Photography
All Mobile Device Photography
Kristen Newman, Bozeman, Joy-Service Dog Riley, Blue, Best of Division
Mariska Mackenzie-Heyboer , Bozeman, Life is More Fun Upside Down, Red
Kristen Newman, Bozeman, Lightning storm over the Bridger Mountains

Photography -  Adult 18 Yrs & Older - Intermediate              Back to Top
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Syd Brosten, Bozeman, Checking Stock Market, Blue
Heidi Palmer, Belgrade, Reflections, Red
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Escaping Cowboy, White
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, Grace and Dragonfly, Yellow
Henry Hathaway, Bozeman, Man Brushing a Horse, Green
Syd Brosten, Bozeman, Leather Maker
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, Max-Portrait of a young boy wearing a red
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Senior Portrait, Blue
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, Feline in umbris, Red
Heidi Palmer, Belgrade, Leader of the Pack, White
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Exploring the M, Yellow
Crystal Sharp, Belgrade, Close Up German Shepherd, Green
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Kissy Fish
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Megan-Welsh Corgi
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Josie-Welsh Corgi
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Cranes on the Go, Blue, Res Best of Division
Steve Culliton, Belgrade, Nesting Osprey, Blue, Honorable Mention
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Bald Eagle, Red
Bob Potter, Belgrade, Red Headed Woodpecker, White
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Harlequin Duck-The take-off!, Green
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Newborn Bison
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Chickadee
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Mighty Moose along Gros Ventre River
Bob Potter, Belgrade, Yellowstone Bison
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Glacier Tunnel-Going to the Sun (Logan Pass), Blue
Steve Culliton, Belgrade, Wildflower Meadow, Red
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Swan Lake clouds, White
Elaine J. Smith, Bozeman, Zion National Park, Yellow
Steve Culliton, Belgrade, Gravellies Overview, Green
Emily Copeland, Manhattan, Sunset with Spruces
Emily Copeland, Manhattan, Twilight - Pilot & Index Peaks
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Rain Clouds
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Waiting for Warm Weather
Elaine J. Smith, Bozeman, Canyonlands National Park
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, After the Storm-Photo taken after winter storm
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, Falls in summer
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, Spire to the Sky
Photography Adult Intermediate Winner.jpg
Bob Potter, Belgrade, Railroad bridge crossing over the Missouri River, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Newbro Drug Co. Building, Butte, MT, Red
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Evening Light-Kleffner Barn, White
Syd Brosten, Bozeman, Church, Yellow
Henry Hathaway, Bozeman, Showing the Joints of a Log Structure, Green
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Christie Transfer & Storage building, Butte MT
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Roy's Barn
Henry Hathaway, Bozeman, Close Up of a Wasp, Blue
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Missing Link-Wire Fence and Chain Link, Red
Crystal Sharp, Belgrade, Purple Tulips w/ One Red, White
Mark Andrews, Bozeman, Rainbow Closeup, Yellow
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Prickly Pear, Green
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, King Bird
Janne Hayward, Bozeman, Poppie
Peaches Sappington, Bozeman, New Bloom-Red Hibiscus
Peaches Sappington, Bozeman, Summer Bloom
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Nice Catch, Blue, Honorable Mention
Heidi Palmer, Belgrade, Fancy Dancing, Red
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Soccer Dog, White
Melanie Ployhar, Belgrade, Wipe Out!, Green
Cute Kid
Crystal Sharp, Belgrade, Little Boy W/Cowboy Hat & Red Barn in Back, Blue
Heidi Palmer, Belgrade, Can You See Me Now, Red
Street Photography
Crystal Sharp, Belgrade, Field of Yellow Tulips w/ 4 People Walking, Blue
Still Life
Pat Devine, Bozeman, The Vogue-Vogue Dry Cleaners Sign, Butte, MT, Blue, Honorable Mention
Steve Culliton, Belgrade, Tractor-Reflection of an old homestead, Red
Pat Devine, Bozeman, Blue Bow Tie-Gracefully Aged Chevrolet, White
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, Snow in summer flowers, Yellow
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, Lilac flowers draped over bark floating, Green
Steve Culliton, Belgrade, Retired Plow-Plow out to pasture
The Fair
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, Yoyo and Kamikaze, Blue
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, Bliss-Sleeping pig, Red
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Ferris Wheel, White

Robert Potter, Bozeman, Triangular View , Blue, Res Best of Division
Henry Hathaway, Bozeman, Yellow Arrowleaf Flowers with Green Pine Trees, Red
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Portal into another Dimension, White
Craig Spannring, Bozeman, The Crawler, Yellow
Syd Brosten, Bozeman, Fishing Nets, Blue, Best of Division, Honorable Mention
Syd Brosten, Bozeman, Windmills, Red
Anything Goes
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, The Release, Blue
Kelli Smith, Bozeman, Trail Closed by Snow YNP, Red

Photography Sweepstakes Winner.jpg
Mobile Device Photography
All Mobile Device Photography
Tiffany Feisthamel, Bozeman, Peek-A-Boo-Taken with Samsung Stratosphere, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show, Sweepstakes

Photography -  Adult 18 Yrs & Older - Advanced          Back to Top
Digital & Film, Color & Black & White
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Cowboy Jim, Blue, Honorable Mention
Rebecca Murray, Belgrade, Silly Monkey, Red
Rebecca Murray, Belgrade, Engagement, White
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Tigger, Blue, Best of Division, Res Best of Show, Honorable Mention
Stephen Scott, Bozeman, Movin' On, Red, Honorable Mention
Rebecca Murray, Belgrade, Smiling Dog, White
Cheryl Taylor, Belgrade, Rey, Yellow
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Eagle bring in dinner, Blue
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Great Grey Owl, Red
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Sandhill crane parent and colt, White
Tara Aguilar, Bozeman, Bee and Lupine, Yellow
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, You Watching Me?, Yellow
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Resting Avocets, Green
Shirley Honkanen, Belgrade, Sand Hill Crane
Cheryl Taylor, Belgrade, Splendor In the Park, Blue, Honorable Mention
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Palisade Falls, Red
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Wildflowers and Electric Peak, White
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Water flowing over rocks, Yellow
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Cactus Flowers, Green
Shirley Honkanen, Belgrade, A Montana Fence
Shirley Honkanen, Belgrade, Island on Ennis Lake
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Hot Spring Water Pattern
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Red Indian Paintbrush-Landscape-Blooming
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Historic Moulton Barn - Grand Teton, Blue
Shirley Honkanen, Belgrade, Bear Grass Flower, Blue
Rebecca Murray, Belgrade, Tiny Feet-Closeup of newborn's feet, Blue
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Bee on the Beach, Red
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Sands of time-Hourglass, White
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Walking on water-Climbing Palisade Falls, Blue
Photography Reserve Sweepstakes Winner.jpg
Cheryl Taylor, Belgrade, Have We Been Introduced?, Blue
Stephen Scott, Bozeman, Don't Feed The Birds, Red
Cute Kid
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Here comes Trouble!, Blue
Street Photography  
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Gun Toting Man, Blue
Still Life
Pauline Murrill, Gardiner, Peony thru the Window, Blue, Best of Division, Best of Show, Res Sweepstakes
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Colorful Umbrella Handles, Red

Stephen Scott, Bozeman, Secrets of the Bear Trap, Blue, Best of Division, Honorable Mention
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Digitalized Photo-Buoys, Red
Dennis Young, Bozeman, Bannack school house and Masonic Hall, White
Walter Mularz, Boxford, Photoshopped-Fish Floats, Yellow
Anything Goes
Cheryl Taylor, Belgrade, Ross Peak Submerged-Reflection of Ross Peak,, Blue, Res Best of Division, Honorable Mention

Mobile Device Photography
All Mobile Device Photography
Shawna Oostema, Belgrade, Flower-Taken with Samsung Galaxy, White
Joann Acord, Manhattan, Sunset-Taken with Android, Yellow
Joann Acord, Manhattan, Grandkids-Taken with Android, Green
Joann Acord, Manhattan, McQueen-Taken with Android
Shawna Oostema, Belgrade, Jake-Taken with Samsung Galaxy

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