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Mobile Home Moving Permit Information

1)      Mobile home moving permits (moving declarations) for mobile homes currently located in Gallatin County are obtained at the Gallatin County Treasurer’s Office – 311 West Main Street, Room 103, Bozeman. The moving permit fee is $8.00.

2)      If the person requesting the moving permit is not the registered owner of the mobile home in the tax system, he/she needs to show proof of ownership. A notarized mobile home Title or a Bill of Sale is Proof of Ownership.
3)      If the owner sends someone else to get the permit, that person must bring a letter of authorization signed by the registered owner(s) of the mobile home. The letter must state that the owner gives permission to such and such person to pick up the permit on his/her behalf and the letter should include the description of the mobile i.e.:  Title #, Year, Make, Serial # , Parcel # if available and where the mobile home is being moved to. Also a telephone number for verification.

4)      All taxes, interest and penalties assessed on the mobile home have to be paid in full before a moving permit is issued. (MCA15-24-202)

5)       If a moving permit is needed prior to the tax bill being issued (after January 1st), a prepayment must be collected. The Department of Revenue (DOR) calculates the amounts due, call the DOR 582-3400 and they will fax us the information when calculated or call the Treasurers Office and we can contact the DOR to get the amounts faxed to us.

6)      The following information must be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office:
q Owner(s) name(s), address, and phone number.
q Name, address and phone number of company or person moving the mobile home.
q A complete address of where the mobile home is being moved: Mobile Home Park or Private Property.
q If Private Property: the land owners name, address and phone number.

Move permits are valid for ONE move. Permits are valid for 40 days from date of issue. With the following exception:
Move permits issued in December expire December 31st.

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