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Mobile Home De-Title Information

Please follow these steps to De-Title a Mobile Home in Gallatin County:      

1)      The taxpayer must notify the Assessor’s Office at 2273 Boothill Court, Bozeman (582-3400) of the intention to declare a Mobile Home into Real Property. The Assessor has the “de-title” forms (MV72) and the “Request for Personal Property Mobile Home to be classified as an Improvement to Real Estate” form. Both must be completed and signed before the taxpayer visits the Motor Vehicle Department to de-title the mobile home.

The Assessor’s Office will send an appraiser to the site to inspect the property. The property will usually be appraised at this same time. After the inspection is completed, the Assessor’s Office will send the taxpayer a letter notifying them of the results.

2)      All taxes, interest, and penalties on the manufactured home have to be paid in full before the manufactured home is declared real property. The taxes are paid at the County Treasurer’s Office – Room 103 of the Gallatin County Courthouse.

3)      The following documents need to be submitted to the Motor Vehicle Department, Room 104 of the Gallatin County Courthouse, to de-title a manufactured home:

· Original title for the Manufactured Home
· De-title form (MV72) and Request for Personal Property Classification form signed by the registered owners and the lender (if there is a lender).
· Proof of Taxes Paid (Paid Receipt from Treasurer’s Office.)

The Motor Vehicle Department will collect a $10.00 fee.

Once the Motor Vehicle department completes the transaction, they will send the paperwork to the Montana Title & Registration Bureau to complete the de-titling process.

4)      Any liens or deed changes for the property must be recorded at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office (582-3050).

The Assessor’s Office sends a staff member to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office to obtain copies of the deeds that have been recorded once a week.

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