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Most Frequently Asked Questions
Gallatin County Treasurer
Kimberly Buchanan
311 W Main, Room 103
Bozeman, MT  59715

Gallatin County, Montana, holds a tax lien certificate sale in July each year.  

This is NOT an auction of property.  

Gallatin County places a lien on all properties not purchased, that have entered into a delinquent status. This process occurs yearly in July.  Assignment of Gallatin County’s lien can be issued at any time during the year.  Prior to purchase, the requirements of MCA 15-17-212(1) and (3) “Proof of Mail Notice” and MCA 15-17-323 (5) must be completed. Notice of Pending Assignment Form is available at The cost of purchasing this lien is the amount of the delinquent taxes plus a $ 75.00 fee.  

Gallatin County does not provide legal advice regarding the tax sale, assignment and tax deed process. It is highly suggested that anyone interested in embarking on the tax deed process consult a qualified attorney before investing time and money in the hopes of obtaining a tax deed. It is recommended that this be done prior to making any payments. This is a complex procedure. It is possible to lose your investment.

Assignment/tax deed Statutes may be found at:
Montana Code Annotated, Title 15, Chapters 17 & 18

Most Frequently Asked Questions – Gallatin County

Q.      Are Delinquent Property lists available?
A.      Hardcopy is available for review in the Treasurer’s Office
311 West Main, Room 103
Bozeman, MT 59715

Also available for purchase is a CD Rom ($30 Fee + $5.00 postage)  
Information includes the parcel number, geo code, owner, legal description and the
Delinquent dollar amounts.      

This CD Rom may be purchased in the office of the Gallatin County Treasurer or through the mail. A signed agreement prior to purchase is required. The form, Delinquent Taxes CD Rom Agreement, is available at
Send request to:
       Gallatin County Treasurer, 311 W Main Room 103, Bozeman, Mt  59715

To access the CD-Rom for information requires:
Word pad or Notebook    
Q.      What is the date and time of the next Tax Lien sale?
A.      The Tax Lien Sale occurs yearly in July  [ ](MCA 15-17-122)
This is the process that occurs in which a lien is placed on property that, according to Montana Statute, is now delinquent. (This is NOT an auction of property)

Q.      What is the number of parcels that Tax Liens are placed on each year?
A.      The number varies on a yearly basis.

Q.      When may assignments of property with tax liens be purchased?
A.      Any time during the year (MCA 15-17-323)

Q.      When is the next scheduled Tax Deed Auction of Real Estate?
A.      Notice of date will be published as provided in
(MCA 7-1-2121 & MCA Title 7-8-2302)
“Bozeman Daily Chronicle” (official newspaper)
               Detailed information will be provided prior to auction  
                     Requests to be notified may be sent to:
Gallatin County Treasurer
311 W Main, Room 103
Bozeman, MT  59715

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Gallatin County, Montana
311 West Main Street
Bozeman, MT 59715